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Software upgrades for Computer Whisperer WordPress clients

software-update-iconWhat is happening?

Clients of the Computer Whisperer WordPress hosting websites are updated and maintained regularly.  Usually these upgrades are minor, performed outside of normal business hours and not something that would need notification.

Periodically it is necessary to deploy major upgrades to the core platforms to make sure that your website remains stable and secure.  In this case we will be upgrading PHP from version 5.2 to 5.4 within the next seven days.

What will happen and how does this affect me?

Even major upgrades are not normally problematic and should result in nothing more than a few minutes of downtime for your site.  In almost all cases you will not even be aware that the change has taken place.

Within the next seven days the following actions will be taken on your site:

  • Your site will be fully backed up
  • All plugins will be upgraded to the latest version
  • WordPress will be upgraded to version 3.8 if necessary
  • The PHP version on your site will be upgraded from 5.2 to 5.4
  • After upgrading your site will be tested to make sure that core functionality is performing as expected
  • Email access will not be affected during the upgrade process

What if there are problems?

Since WordPress 3.8 is known to be stable with PHP version 5.4 any problems are most likely caused by plugins.  In the event of a problem we will identify the offending plugin and either work with the plugin developer to resolve the issue or find an alternative plugin that provides the same functionality.

Rest assured that your website is fully backed up using a method that allows for rapid deployment to an alternative host.  In the unlikely event of a major problem we will set up a new host using a legacy version of the software and migrate your site to that host.

If you would like to speak about this please feel free to call the usual number or simply leave a comment below.

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