Why The Computer Whisperer?

It all started as a joke really.  Whenever the technology around the house would stop working the kids would holler.  I would then stroll over, push a button and things would magically spring to life.  The kids would swear that they had pushed exactly the same buttons, in the same order, and it didn’t work for them and then started calling me The Computer Whisperer.

Years later a birthday gift of a T-Shirt with Computer Whisperer emblazoned across the front added to the mystique and a quick search on my favorite domain registrar showed that Computerwhisperer.us was available for a ridiculously low price…so I snapped it up.

CompWhispColorsSmallWhen I finally decided to start a small business providing quality website design for the SMBs the name of the endeavor was already set and Computer Whisperer website design was born.

I love technology and spend a lot of time researching it, writing about it, trying out new tools, designing websites and helping people keep their computers.  I am a huge fan of the open source movement and I am constantly amazed at how much top quality software is available for free if you just know where to look.  Check out my Free Software list for more.

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