Domain Registry Services of America – SCAM!

Reblogging this one because it seems that they have changed their name. I received another one of these today from iDNS, a.k.a Internet Domain Name Services. Amazingly they haven’t done much other than change the name and switch from the blue to a red color scheme.

As usual – throw the notices from these scam artists in the garbage or you will have unwittingly switched registry providers and will pay 4-5 times what you should have.

The Computer Whisperer

Today I received a very official looking letter from a company called Domain Registry Services informing me that the domain of one of my customers is due to expire “in the next few months”.  If you have received one of these don’t be fooled – it’s a scam!

Here’s how it works: Domain Registry Services sends website owners an official-looking “expiration notice” (see below), urging them to “act today” to prevent “loss of your online identity making it difficult for your customers and friends to locate you.”

They are hoping that you won’t look too closely at it, fill in the form and send it back.  If you do you will have inadvertently transferred the domain registration from the company you originally registered with (GoDaddy, BlueHost, etc.) and signed that over to DRS.

I have no idea what their registration services are like but I can say that they are at least twice as expensive…

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