Using autocomplete to make life easier? Be careful!

browsersVarious browsers provide an auto complete feature to save time filling in forms online.  This seems like a great idea but…be careful.  It’s not just the fields on the screen that you are sharing and, since some of these actually capture credit card numbers and the like, you may be providing a LOT more information than you planned.

This test URL from Yoast gives a nice quick demonstration that you might have just provided that website with your full address and/or (even worse) your credit card details too.

LastPass - The last password you have to rememberPersonally I’ve been a big fan of Lastpass for a long time now.  Their latest browser plugin has a nice form fill feature that lets you set up different profiles and the cool part is that only that information is shared if you use it.  In fact the only way I found out that this is hiding things from autocomplete is when I tried out the above test and nothing showed up, I actually had to turn it off to get it to work.  So if you have too many passwords to remember and need some added security this is a great way to go.

Have questions about online security?  Add them as comments and I’ll get an answer for you ASAP!

via Why you should not use autocomplete • Yoast.


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