How to Steal Passwords Saved in Google Chrome in 5 Simple Steps

passwordIf you use Chrome as your browser you should know that it’s surprisingly simple to access all of a person’s passwords saved in Google Chrome. Another surprise: Google’s well aware of this fact, and the company is not planning to do anything about it.

For the full story read : How to Steal Passwords Saved in Google Chrome in 5 Simple Steps | CIO Blogs.

This should be especially worrying considering how many people use the same password for almost all accounts, so even if you don’t use Chrome to store your bank account password you might still be showing more than you bargained for.

After reading the full article you might find yourself wanting to delete the passwords stored in Chrome or make sure that your PC is always locked when you leave it  (Windows key – L is a nice shortcut for that).  If you decided on the former then may I suggest using Lastpass as a more secure alternative to writing your passwords on post it notes.


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3 responses to “How to Steal Passwords Saved in Google Chrome in 5 Simple Steps

  1. I actually thought about it, but I do not think it is so. If it were some IT specialists, then yes, they will override the default action of Google Chrome, but normal users will not. Do not get me wrong, I like chrome and I use it.
    Behind Google Chrome are teams of people responsible for different tasks.
    One of the tasks is browsing security. The team behind this task makes these mistakes and questions the reliability of Google Chrome regardind browsing security area. It is unfair to say about an antivirus product that is compromised or infected when it really is not so.

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